Students Booking Lessons


Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports (VISAS) is excited to welcome you back for the 2021-2022 Season

‘Covid Season 2’ is going to be action packed! VISAS is back to seven day per week programming and will offer a full season of lessons forecast to start Monday December 20th going through Saturday March 26th. We can work this season with any student who is in compliance with the CADS Vaccination Policy. Your Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports Board of Directors is working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the season. Registrations for Students will open the first week of November. Returning Students will have received an email, New Students will be able to create a profile by clicking on the BOOK NOW button.

Rules have been relaxed to allow close contact training within the 2-meter bubble this season, allowing a full program and Instructors to give you a helping hand when needed. Please note that all participants in a VISAS Program, aged 12 and over will have to show proof, in your profile, of double Covid -19 vaccination with a Vaccine Passport, uploading the QR code to the Forms and Agreements section, under” Vaccination Proof”.

*UPDATE*  December 20, 2021

The CADS National COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is in effect.  In summary, anyone 12 and older must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 no later than two weeks prior to participating in an event, camp, program or lesson.  Please read the full policy HERE as you will be required to acknowledge reading and agree to adhere to this policy as part of the Snowline registration process.
Children under 12 are exempt from vaccination and testing proof.  CADS is in the process of revising its National COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to include the November 19th, 2021 approval of COVID vaccines for the 5-11 year old age group and details will be shared here and on the CADS website as soon as available. 
VISAS volunteer instructors may choose not to instruct children under 12 years old due to their personal COVID-19 safety considerations.  The probability of a lesson being filled for students in the 5-11 year old age group may be increased by sharing COVID-19 vaccination status or offering to wear a mask during a lesson.


We are looking forward to seeing you this season.

Thank you so much for your continued commitment to VISAS, both as students, instructors, and all those other people that help us make the Mountains Accessible to All!


A current CADS/BCAS membership is required before booking a lesson.

Follow this link to BC Adaptive Snowsports to obtain your membership number.

Please note that weight limits apply to our sit ski equipment. The weight rating is a maximum of 250lbs (113kg)

Not sure if Snowsports is for you? Give us a call and we’ll fill you in on all options



If you already have a VISAS Student Profile, use the BOOK NOW button, or click here, to continue directly to the Snowline.

At any time without logging in you can check under Schedule > Lesson Calendar and scroll to the month required to get an idea how busy VISAS is before making your lesson requests.

  • Login with your User ID and Password
  • In the toolbar, click on your name > Lesson Request
  • Click on the dates you would like in the Calendar
  • Below the calendar you will see the Date(s) and Time(s) you selected, and the headings “Select” and “Outlook”
  • Check the Dates & times if correct and Click on “REQUEST NOW”
  • “Outlook” will probably be orange and say MAYBE” until your request is accepted as for now this is just a prediction made by the program
  • There is a legend below explaining the colours in “Outlook” that will indicate the likelihood of getting the requested dates
    • Green – Very likely you will get this date
    • Orange – You may get this date
    • Red – It is very unlikely you will get this date
  • Even if the outlook is red, we may still find an instructor for that date, so don’t give up right away
  • You will be informed by email/text when your request is fulfilled
  • You can check your Lesson Calendar from the Toolbar menu or log in to make changes, add dates or cancel lessons. Please give as much notice as you can if you have to cancel a confirmed lesson.

Go directly to the VISAS Snowline

  • Enter a User ID and Password
  • You now need to fill in all your PROFILE information, clicking on NEXT at the bottom of each page with the following headings:
    • Personal – make sure you have your correct contact info here
    • Medical – height, weight, etc.
    • SnowSport – Type/ *do you have your own equipment? / Select a Program – select “Daily” unless you are previously registered in one of the other program choices. (NOTE: Have A Go is only an option if you have never skied or boarded with us before).
    • Schedule – enter any remarks here (should be able to pick days + AM/PM)
  • Waivers – fill out Medical/ Waiver form and follow the instructions. Read and check boxes under “Agreements”
  • CADS# – follow the link to BC Adaptive Snowsports to obtain this number – cost is $53 per year. You can SUBMIT without this number but will be unable to book any lessons until you have entered it in this spot.
    • Settings – Choose how you want to receive upcoming lesson reminders.
    • SUBMITYou will receive onscreen confirmation that you have been successful or be given directions to complete any missing information.
    • Click on the blue document icon in the upper right corner to see a copy of the information you have entered – this can be printed if you wish. Exit this document.
    • If you have submitted successfully, you will also receive a separate email notification.
  • For additional instructions on how to complete your Profile information, click on the blue video camera icon near top centre of the page and a YouTube video will open.
  • * If you require rental equipment from the Mt. Washington Alpine Resort through VISAS, it is time to update your MYMW profile on the Mt. Washington Alpine Resort website


  • We have sit-ski weight limits. Two of our sit-skis are rated at 250 lbs (113 Kg) maximum; our others are all rated at 200 lbs (91 Kg).
  • Alpine instructors for Ski, Sit-ski and Snowboard lessons are available 7 days a week unless the day is a Blackout day.
  • Nordic instructors are available for lessons Tuesday thru Saturday unless the day is a Blackout day.