Please note that weight limits apply to our sit ski equipment. The weight rating is a maximum of 250lbs (113kg)


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(Please ensure you have confirmation of a lesson before travelling to the Resort.)

Wondering if adaptive skiing and snowboarding is for you? Just give it a try for a day!

We make your first step into skiing and snowboarding easy.

Our “Have-a-Go” program is about teaching you the snowsport of your choice with trained adaptive snowsport instructors. So you can enjoy coming up to Mt Washington with friends and family. 

Whether it’s adaptive skiing, sit-skiing, snowboarding or Nordic skiing, we’ll help you get started!

Sebastien Bracconier

President, VISAS

Who’s it for & What’s your part:

  • VISAS’s “Have a Go” program is for those who have never participated in an Adaptive Snowsports Program and are interested in giving snowsports a try. And it is available to anyone with physical or cognitive challenges.
  • The annual CADS (Cdn Adaptive Snowsports Society) membership is waived, and a one-day CADS fee of $10 is payable on the day of booking your lesson (for insurance coverage).
  • Come to Mt Washington, (either the Alpine side or Raven Lodge for Nordic), dressed for winter sports. See recommended list of clothing below
  • A maximum of one lesson per snowsport, with a maximum of two different snowsports. 

What’s your day look like:

Be at the Alpine Lodge or Nordic Lodge for 9:00 a.m. for introductions, equipment fitting, etc.

Lesson 10:00 a.m. until noon 

Lunch at Noon until 1:00 p.m. (with friends/family)

Afternoon lesson 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. 

If you come up with your friends or family, we recommend that they go off on their own to enjoy Mt. Washington.

… and then, regale friends & family with adventurous stories over lunch and on the ride home.


What VISAS provides you:

A day of skiing/snowboarding instruction by one or two of our CADS Certified Volunteer Alpine Instructors, and trained Nordic Instructors

A free Mt Washington one-day lift pass

All the skiing/snowboarding equipment you’ll need (skis, boots, poles, helmets, snowboard, wrist-guards compliments of Mt Washington)

And we have specialized adaptive equipment to suit your disability.


What you need to do:

Go to our “Student Book a Lesson” page and follow the “New Student” steps to create a profile, then book a lesson.

You choose the day and we’ll take care of almost everything else.

Once the snowsports bug bites you, you can continue taking lessons during the rest of the season, same as our regular adaptive students. 

You may also be considered for a spot in our next Herb Bradley Snowsports Festival held each year in early January.

The festival is four consecutive days of instruction….   

Imagine how far you’ll get with four straight days of Alpine skiing or snowboarding or Nordic skiing!

    What to bring, and strongly recommended winter clothing includes:

    • Snow pants
    • Jacket (appropriate for movement in snow) 
    • Waterproof gloves or mitts (large enough to accommodate wrist guards if snowboarding)
    • Face cover (balaclava, buff, scarf, etc.)
    • Thin toque (for under helmet if required and for travel between parking lot and lodge)
    • Ski socks (not ankle socks, for warmth & wicking), long johns – top & bottoms or equivalent
    • Fleece or sweater (layering for differences in temperatures)
    • Footwear appropriate for travelling between the parking lot and the lodge
    • Extra mitts and socks, in case they get wet
    • A big lunch, including water, with enough for snacks at the end of the day
    • A large bag for carrying extras; big enough to carry extra items at the end of the day
    • For students who are children, youth or adults needing support, a caregiver is required for supervision at lunchtime and if the lesson is shorter than anticipated and for signatures, payment, etc.

    Indulge yourself!

    Come on up



    Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports (VISAS) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that provides Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) certified instructors to teach people with diverse abilities, 6 years and older, to Nordic (cross-country) ski, downhill ski, sit-ski or snowboard. Mt. Washington Alpine Resort (MWAR) is a huge supporter of the VISAS Adaptive program, providing half price lift tickets and free snowsports equipment from their rental department while students are taking a lesson.

    VISAS provides instruction and adaptive equipment for those requiring it, free of charge.

    All instructors and students must be members of BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) but for first-timers wanting to try skiing or snowboarding, VISAS offers a “Have-a-Go” Program for a $10 temporary BCAS membership fee which covers a one-time session which includes lift ticket, equipment and instruction free of charge. To have a chance to try more than one snowsport, we offer TWO (2) Have-a-Go days, with the caveat that each day must be a different snowsport downhill skiing, sit-skiing or snowboarding. (Nordic cross country skiing please see the Nordic page)