Returning Instructors


Decision was made to not have an in person Returning Instructors Meeting this season, in part because it is not recommended to have large gatherings at this time with Covid still present and we are able to complete everything needed through Snowline and electronic means, including the Mount Washington Pass waivers.
We are waiting final guidance from MWAR as to what their protocols will be and how this will effect VISAS or not. We know that all participants over 12 years of age, including instructors, will have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. We anticipate as close to a normal season as possible, however, as soon as possible you will receive communication with complete details from the BoD and pass waivers, this will complete the Returning Instructors Meeting…virtually



  • Update your information on the VISAS Portal. This includes affirming your Criminal Record Check (CRC) or applying for a new CRC if yours is 5 years old prior to the meeting.
    • Sign in to the Portal > Existing Members > User ID > Next > Enter Password > Next >
    • In the Toolbar under your name – go to your Profile – go through each section, filling in or updating the information as required – SUBMIT.
    • Renew your membership with BCAS
    • You will receive an email notification if all mandatory information has been completed. If not, you will be directed to go back and complete where necessary.
    • ALL instructors must complete a minimum of one day Refresher Training before student instruction begins. Book from he proposed dates on Snowline
    • You will be advised when your pass is available for pick up at the mountain (or re-loaded)
    • You will be advised when your family members passes can be picked up (or re-loaded). Family passes require payment of the GST only plus the first-time charge of $5 for the new re-loadable passes
    • Check your email often for updates and use the Portal to familiarize yourself with upcoming events, training, lessons, etc.