Ryan Williams – 24 for 12 donation to VISAS!

Thank you Ryan, your support is highly appreciated.

It is support like this that helps our cause so much. And not just the financial donation; by spreading the word, and letting your own networks know about VISAS and what we do, we improve our reach and develop new opportunities. 

Sébastien Braconnier

President, VISAS

Backtracking a bit.... the VI Society of Adaptive Snowsports (www.visasweb.ca) is the January 30th recipient of $500 (+ a bonus $500) as part of my "24to12" campaign. They are the largest program in Canada for providing instruction of snowsports to physically and developmentally challenged people. Watch full video to see some of the cool equipment they have in stock.
Ryan Williams

Owner at Ryan Williams Real Estate, REMAX